Corporate Events

Let’s have a conversation about how we might work together to champion Smart Eating. Feel free to reach out to me!

A great way of communicating nutrition information on a broader scale is collaboration with companies through seminars, media blasts and corporate consulting. I’ve been lucky enough to participate in outreach through a wide variety of companies and here are a few:

Helped develop World Menu Report to advise restaurant owners in US, UK, Europe, China and South America about how to respond to
consumer demand for healthier, more sustainable menu items.

Acted as the spokesperson for FDA-approved nutrient labeling claims and participated in satellite and national media tours in dozens of cities to discuss the cholesterol-lowering benefits of oats.

Organized a workshop for Orlando-based Disney chefs about their influential role in combating childhood obesity.

LifeScan Blood Glucose Monitors Featured in a Video News Release (VNR) and satellite media tour promoting ways to manage blood glucose levels around meals. Placement numbers were highest of any VNR ever done by LifeScan.

Presented a two-day workshop for senior management at Starbucks Headquarters in Seattle, WA, to stimulate product development based on nutrition trends.

Consulted with individuals participating in the Great American Weight Loss Challenge.

Toured the country on a national media tour to discus the nutritional benefits of nuts.

Consulted with national supermarket chain to keep shoppers informed about healthy buying patterns and the most nutritious products.

Appeared in a nationally televised infomercial about the role of eggs in a healthy diet.

Monitor scientific findings around dietary cholesterol, protein quality and nutrient density of eggs and assist in disseminating evidence based messages to health professionals and the public about the role of eggs in a healthy diet.