Eating is one of life’s great pleasures. When you develop “smart eating” habits, you can enjoy your life even more while managing your health conditions. So what do I mean by “smart eating”? It is about mindful eating and choosing foods that you like and give you the good stuff (nutrients, protein, good fats, etc.) and selecting portion sizes that work for you. It is about positive nutrition – eating foods to nourish your body. It is also about helping you feel good about yourself – your weight and your body size.

As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, I provide individual and family nutrition counseling both in my office in Beverly Hills as well as live video conferencing online. I specialize in finding solutions to longstanding problems with weight control, eating disorders and unhealthy eating behaviors, and also work with individuals struggling with diet-related chronic illnesses.

I am passionate about preventing and treating overweight children and adolescents and frequently speak about these topics. I have successfully aided adults with weight control, type II diabetes, and inflammation-related conditions.

Since everyone has their own unique relationship with food, I begin with a thorough dietary behavior history.

Subsequent sessions help identify thoughts and behaviors that contribute to deregulated eating. I teach principles of nutrition, metabolism and the various facets of eating behavior. I will measure your basal metabolism, as well as body composition to determine your percentage of muscle and fat.

I will design an individual meal plan for you, based on the foods you like and your lifestyle, complete with recipes and dining out choices. Together, we’ll find strategies to help you adopt sustainable habits and make smart food choices that work for you and not against you.

I work with physicians, psychiatrists and psychologists, providing medical nutrition therapy to help improve the following conditions itemized below.